Saturday, March 19, 2011

Traffic Generation using Cisco Pagent TGN (Traffic GeNeration) Module

Below shows the sample configuration for generating 1000 ICMP Echo Request packets with random length between 500 and 1000 bytes, per second.
pagent1(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:none)#add icmp
pagent1(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#name *** Stream 1 - ICMP Ping ***
pagent1(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#rate 1000
pagent1(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#l2-dest-addr 1111.1111.1111
pagent1(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#l3-src-addr random to
pagent1(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#l3-dest-addr random to
pagent1(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#l4-type 8
pagent1(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#length random 500 to 1000
pagent1(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#output-mode dedicated
pagent1(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#sh ip

Summary of IP traffic streams on FastEthernet0/0
    ts#         tos  len  id  frag ttl col chksm source         destination
       1   ICMP  00   28 0000 0000  60   1 1127

pagent1(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#sh icmp

Summary of ICMP traffic streams on FastEthernet0/0
        ts#   type   code  checksum      option
          1      8      0   0xF7FF   0x00000000

pagent1(TGN:OFF,Fa0/0:1/1)#sh rate

Traffic generation is currently off.
These rates are from the last time traffic generation was active.

Summary of traffic stream rates on FastEthernet0/0
  ts# template state repeat   interval/rate     interval/rate   packets_sent
    1 ICMP       on     1              1000 pps         0.000              0


You have started traffic generation in dedicated output-mode.
TGN will go into a send loop that locks out all other processes.
Enter control-6 or shift-control-6 to stop traffic generation.

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