Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Optional PPP Commands

The compress predictor interface subcommand enables the PPP Predictor compression algorithm; while the compress stac interface subcommand enables the PPP Stacker compression algorithm.

The ppp quality {percent} interface subcommand ensures a PPP link meets a percentage of quality during the optional link-quality determination phase in the PPP link establishment phase. This is to determine whether the link quality is sufficient to bring up any Layer 3 protocols. The link will not be established if it does not meet the percentage level.
Note: PPP link establishment is handled by Link Control Protocol (LCP).

The ppp authentication {pap | chap} {chap | pap} interface subcommand defines a PPP link to use the 1st authentication protocol, but will try 2nd authentication protocol if the 1st authentication protocol fails or rejected by the other side.

The ppp sent-username {username} password {password} interface subcommand is mandate in PAP configuration.

In PPP authentication configuration, passwords are case sensitive but usernames are not case-sensitive.

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